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      1. 浙江金淳高分子材料有限公司主要生產和銷售抗靜電母粒、消光母粒、爽滑母粒、開口母粒、抗菌母粒、丙綸化纖母粒、BCF絲母粒、丙綸色母粒、色母粒、丙綸長絲色母粒、丙綸短纖色母粒、無紡布色母粒、丙綸紡粘無紡布母粒、熔噴無紡布專用母粒、滌綸長絲母粒、滌綸短纖母粒;塑料色母粒、填充母粒、填充母料、阻燃改性PP、PE、ABS、PS、導電改性EVA、POE、PP、HIPS、PA、防水透氣衛生薄膜專用料
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        JC-MC series of black masterbatch is a kind of high color strength and high resistance luminosity of the economy black masterbatch, and its high concentration of properties that it has a cheap, suitable for daily use film, agricultural film, injection molding, extrusion out, hollow, sheet material and other forms of financial products based black masterbatch.
        JC-MC series of black master batch Product Performance: The products and LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, PP, EVA, M-LDPE and other olefin copolymers have good compatibility, according to the products in the production when the need for a breakdown kinds of uniform mixing ratio.
        JC-M.C series of black masterbatch key indicators:

        Carbon black content: 50%
        Imported or domestic;
        LDPE, PP:
        Color Masterbatch for the base material;
        Density: 23 ℃
        1.2 g / cm3;
        All the necessary additives:
        After 6 months storage of water absorption:
        Melt Index: MI
        18 g / 10min
        Black particles Φ3 × 3mm;
        Net weight 25 Kg, leather bag lined with moisture-proof membrane; 

        JC-MC series of black master batch using a standard: GB 1648-92 the masterbatch polyolefin standards;
        Q / ZGZC 02-2005 with high-performance polyolefin masterbatch (enterprise standard);
        JC-MC series of black masterbatch to add methods: add the qualities of the mother is usually the amount of blackness of the final product according to the requirements set, add the ratio of the typical 3-6%, but if you need to join a large proportion of the physical properties of products will not be have any effect. When used according to product quality requirements, this product will be mixed with polyolefin resins are mixed, it can be produced according to conventional process all kinds of plastics, chemical fiber products.
        This information includes: general purpose grade black masterbatch JC-MC L-780;

        JC-MC series of black masterbatch production of plastic products has the following advantages:

        As the use of unique product formulation and raw materials, and advanced granulation technology to produce this product product product senses, feel good, extremely good color capabilities, not to affect the sealing, bag, polypropylene fiber products;
        Good dispersion, plastics uniform; good heat resistance, light stability and resistance to migration performance;
        Polyolefin products of the physical indicators are not subject to any impact;

        Shanghai JIN Chun Plastics Co., Ltd. mainly produces: high concentration masterbatch, modified plastics and functional masterbatch, PP masterbatch, PP Masterbatch, polypropylene filament Masterbatch, polypropylene staple fiber Masterbatch, polypropylene BCF masterbatch, color masterbatch PP non-woven fabrics, nonwovens masterbatch, polypropylene masterbatch, plastic masterbatch, filled masterbatch, filled masterbatch, fiber masterbatch, functional masterbatch, fire-retardant master tablets, hygroscopicity defoaming multifunctional masterbatch, antibacterial Masterbatch, antistatic Masterbatch, Smoothness masterbatch, extinction masterbatch, polypropylene fiber matting whitening masterbatch, plastic masterbatch black, polypropylene fiber black masterbatch.

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