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      Shanghai Jin Chun Plastics Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of polypropylene masterbatch, nonwoven masterbatch, additive masterbatches and other filling masterbatch masterbatch. Which JC-MW series plastic white masterbatch for titanium dioxide dispersed in a modern processing technology and plastics coloring technology, manufactured by a special process, with good dispersion, hiding power, pollution, processed convenience features. You can cast, blown film, injection molding, drawing, etc. processing plastic products. The products are widely used in food, clothing, hygiene products and other plastic products.

      Here to introduce specific product details Shanghai Jin Chun JC-MW Series Plastic White Masterbatch:

      1 Specifications:

      JC-M.W L-710
        Widely used in a variety of packaging materials, household plastic bags;
      JC-M.W L-700,100
        Applicable general packaging materials or vest bag, wearing rope bags, injection products;
      JC-M.W L-750
        Applicable full board printing products, with high gloss and excellent printing results;
      JC-M.W L-760
        For the production of white cast film;
      JC-M.W M-720
        High concentrations, for the manufacture of high-grade packaging materials; 

      2.JC-M.W series of white masterbatch key indicators:

      Titanium Dioxide:
        Imported or domestic;
        For masterbatch base;
      Slip agents:
        The right amount;
      All the necessary additives:
        The right amount;
      Water content:
        White particles Φ3 × 3mm;
        Weight 2.5 Kg × 10 = 25 Kg + 0.2;
      Leather bag lined with moisture-proof film; 

      3.JC-MW series of white masterbatch production of plastic products has the following advantages:

         1) sensory, feel good, have a very good color, coloring ability and did not affect the sealing, bag, polypropylene fiber products;
         2) good dispersion, plastics uniform, a good cover ratio, a variety of white hue for selection;
         3) The use of a twin screw extruder and eager air-cooled technology production, the product has a good dispersion and a variety of plastics processing technology adaptability.

      4.JC-MW series plastic white masterbatch add method: when used according to product quality requirements, the incorporation of the product after the polyolefin resin are mixed, can produce all kinds of plastic products according to the conventional process.

      5.JC-MW series plastic white masterbatch use standard: GB 1648-92 standard polyolefin masterbatch;
      GB 2913-82 (88) plastic whiteness test methods;
      Q / ZGZC 02-2005 performance polyolefin masterbatch (enterprise standard);

      If you need to contact us, oh ~ masterbatch selling Tel: 86-21-57217012, you are welcome to call!

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